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Fieldline Trailers


We back everything we sell, no questions asked. When you buy a trailer or horse float from Fieldline you are buying more than a product, you are buying peace-of-mind.

Our new range of trailers have been designed from scratch so that they are versatile and long lasting. For example, Fieldline trailers tip and have a removable draw bar to make storage easier as well as a cage that folds down to act as a workbench or for carrying large objects.

We’ve been around for over 40 years and have applied this wealth of engineering experience to our new range of trailers. Our reputation is the ultimate assurance that your purchase will be supported year after year.

All of our Fieldline trailers are made from start to finish in New Zealand to suit NZ conditions. We start with New Zealand made steel, our team welds the chassis together in our factory in Penrose. The Ultra -strong A frame drawbar (75x40 box section 3mm thick) is longer than normal to make backing very easy but is also capable of being removed easily, for more storage options. The complete chassis is then sent to be fully hot dip galvanised inside and out and then returned to our Penrose factory. The galvanised axles, springs and wheels are then fitted and tested. The cladding is NZ tread plate, a long lasting hard wearing aluminium, far superior to galvanised sheet metal as it will not rust if scratched. The deck is 12mm Tough non-skid truck deck, being European Birch plywood it is both weather and waterproof. ‚ÄčIt is far superior to plywood, it will not scallop out like aluminium and if scratched it will not rust like steel decks.

By controlling the quality of materials used and employing the best New Zealand craftsmen we are able to confidently offer our 6 year industry leading warranty on the structure of the trailer ensuring the extremely safe transportation of your needs for many years.

Key Features:

  • Fieldline trailers are 100% New Zealand made.
  • Welded and fully hot dipped chassis & frame.
  • Our draw bars are removable for ease of storage and anti theft. (not available on 8x5 tandem)
  • Our tilting mechanism is very easy to use and the tailgate can be used as a ramp to load bikes or lawn mowers (not available on 8x5 tandem).
  • The deck is 12mm Tough non-skid truck deck,  It is far superior to plywood, it will not scallop out like aluminium and if scratched it will not rust like steel decks.
  • We use marine sealed hubs and bearings.
  • Our brand new 8 ply new commercial 185 tyres on 14 inch galvanised rims, balanced.
  • Our recessed LED lights, wiring and 7 pin trailer plug are to NZ standards.
  • 6 Year warranty.

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