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Fieldline Float History

The Early Fieldline
Our first model was the early classic style Fieldline, a design which evolved in the early 1980′s. Testament to the longevity of Fieldline floats is the fact that there are still hundreds of these transporting horses around New Zealand, to this day.

Fieldline Special Edition
The Fieldline Special Edition was introduced in 1999 using the proven chassis design but with a modernised and more sophisticated look to better meet the needs of the horse owners of the time. Available in a variety of colours, the Fieldline Special Edition quickly became one of New Zealand’s most popular floats.

Hot Dip Galvanisation
2004 saw some dramatic developments for Fieldline horse floats. Firstly, Fieldline introduced an important new manufacturing technique to New Zealand. Floats were now fully hot dip galvanised; a move that eradicated the problem of rust, which shortened the lifespan of many other models.

Fieldine Long Reach
Secondly, in response to the needs of owners with larger horses, the Fieldline Long Reach was introduced. This innovative horse float offered significantly more room for tack and improved headroom for horses; extra comfort and convenience for owners and horses alike!

Angle Loader
Fieldline puts a lot of emphasis into keeping up with global horse float trends as well as local requirements. This led to the introduction of the Angle Loader horse float which makes loading and unloading horses safer and easier, gives the horse more stability in transit and reduces the risk of horses kicking each other. The Angle Loader model means horses that may have been poor travellers in the past can now float in greater comfort and with less stress.

Extra Features
The period between 2005 and 2008 saw the introduction of a wide range of extra features and horse float accessories such as side awnings, internal cabinets and dust doors, all designed specifically to improve the experience of transporting horses safely and comfortably.

Today, Fieldline have a range of 14 horse floats, designed specifically to meet the needs of New Zealand’s demanding conditions. The business continues its focus on product development based on the real demands of our customers and their horses.

The right horse float can make a huge difference to the quality of your transporting experience.

Fieldline Floats: Floating NZ’s horses for more than 30 years