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Fieldline Warranty

Horse Float lifetime Warranty

on the structure of the float from rust and rot 

After years and years of trials, tests and working with horse float owners, we have been able to perfect virtually every area on the float. What many float owners are not aware of is that it’s the unseen parts, the heart of the structure, that really matters when it comes to your safety and the longevity of your float… Fieldline has nothing to hide.

The New Zealand environment has proven to be very hard on horsefloats, as are our country roads which take a real toll on many floats. At Fieldline we’ve lasted the distance and have become a proven float designer.

Call one of our engineers today and we’ll help you get to the heart of what really matters when you’re transporting your valuable horses year after year.

Fieldline Floats has been operating since 1975 with a long history and a wide variety of trailers and floats.

How is the Frame Protected?

The entire frame of a Fieldline horsefloat is manufactured and then dipped into a hot galvanising bath. Molten zinc and other alloys flow inside and outside over the steel, electrically bonding a thick protective coating to the body that will never rust: More than a coating - it actually becomes part of the steel.

How is the Panel Work Finished?

Core: Bare Panel Steel
Coating: Zinc and Aluminium Alloy Electro Coating
Primer: Corrosion Inhibitive
Top Coat: Oven cured to provide additional protection from chipping and flaking

6 Year Warranty

Fieldline Trailers