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Here’s what just a few of our customers say about us.


I picked up my new float on Saturday from Picton and towed it home all the way to Invercargill - it towed beautifully empty and if it wasn’t so pretty in the rear view mirror I wouldn’t have noticed it there at all.

Tonight I put the horses in it for the first time - both my “problem” loaders walked straight on, travelled beautifully and arrived very relaxed (a HUGE feat for my nervy boy). I couldn’t tell the difference between towing it empty and towing with two horses onboard - it’s by far the best float I’ve ever towed!

The workmanship is top of the line and all the materials are high quality. I love that it’s designed with horses in mind with no sharp edges or bits they could get hooked up on anywhere.

Thanks so much for the great customer service and the photos throughout the build, you made the whole process so easy and stress free.




Thanks again for your exemplary service. I am so very pleased with my choice to purchase a Fieldline float.  The quality and features have proven to be invaluable especially now that I am temporarily without a stable, electricity or water supply -  love love love the solar power pack, water tank and hose!

Catherine Ebborn

Richard and the team at Fieldline are fantastic to deal with, with options to customise your float and progress photos along the way. The pride that Richard takes in his product and team who builds them is well deserved as this would have to be one of the highest quality and well priced floats on the market. Really happy with the finished product, it looks fantastic and is a dream to tow. Would happily recommend Fieldline for peace of mind towing and knowing you have a product that will last.
Sarah McMichael

Can't say enough about how wonderful Fieldline was to deal with! Kept me updated throughout the entire build and put up with my constant questions! Very happy customer.

Courtney Moskios

Huge thanks to the team at Fieldline for the 5 STAR: workmanship, quality mechanisms/accessories and liaising throughout the build process of additional customized options available to ensure 100% customer awareness and satisfaction..
Julie, thank you so much for your outstanding customer service, communications, stage by stage photos and progress updates during the build..
The entire team have been an absolute pleasure to deal with..
This float is so spacious and tows like a dream, couldn't be happier 

Lynne Davis🙂​


Hi Richard,

Thank you for delivering such a great float.  I spent all afternoon playing with it and admiring it, and I haven't even shown it to my horses yet as it seems a shame to get it dirty.  It is exactly how I hoped it would be and was finished exactly when you said it would be.  Once again thank you for the great service, I only hope my horses like it as much ad I do.


Wendy Thomas



Deana Jane Insley

13 September at 11:04



To all concerned. We totally believe the engineering of this float saved the life of my daughter and her horses. The drunk driver hit in front of the forward wheel, taking out both axles, trailer brakes and also 3 wheels! Casey was driving at 85km and the float tried coming around to pass her as one wheel was pushing it, but the balance of the float even with two big horses on kept it on its belly. It took 200 meters of great driving but she came to a stop with both horses still standing! They had to be cut out of the float as one axle and rim stopped the back ramp from coming down, but both horses walked off the float 100% sound! THANK YOU FEILDLINE FLOATS, YOUR FLOATS ARE ENGINEERED FOR ANYTHING NZ CAN THROW AT IT ... INCLUDING DRUNK DRIVERS!


Just a quick email to say that we picked the float up from Picton yesterday, it was later coming over, as with all the wet weather you had up there, meant that there was a back log.  Really pleased with it, just need a bit of time now to put the horses in it.  Eion is really impressed with the workmanship, that has gone into the float too. Thank you all very much.

Kind Regards Cherry



Oh my goodness!!!  This looks FANTASTIC…  thank you so much!!!  Will send these pics to my daughter now!!!

You guys will seriously come highly recommended by us!!!SUPER SUPER HAPPY!!

Thank you Fieldline for our fantastic float we picked up today... Richard and the TEAM, you were just amazing to deal with... nothing was too much too ask for and went the extra mile for all requirements... Highly recommended by US!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :-)

Karen Greyling


I began to look at new floats.  I particularly wanted a float that would suit New Zealand conditions.  Good things were being said about “Fieldline” so we went to look at their range.  The price for a brand new float equated over and above the pre-used ones I’d looked at although in some cases not much more!  The “Fieldline” range of options were expansive from more budget to top of the line.  The on hand service, and warranty cover was particularly attractive to me.  I liked the security of this against our investment.  The real value for me is in knowing I was purchasing a float that would not find me compromised with an unexpected problem;  maybe on the side road, or worse – dealing with an injured horse/pony as a result of travelling them in a compromised float.  This “peace of mind” has been worth every extra penny. I have also realised that good floats, well kept, hold their re-sale value.

I purchased a “Fieldline” Longreach Straight Loader Float which has a lifetime warranty.  “Fieldline” were helpful in offering extra options and adaptations if I required these.  Having the assembly facility on hand in Auckland meant I didn’t need to wait long for any alterations.  This float has been a real asset to our current way of life, and I would not hesitate to recommend you take a strong look at “Fieldline” for customer support, quality production, and “Peace of Mind” when purchasing your next float.

Sandee Sinclair

Frontier Television NZ Ltd

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P: 09 4274681    M: 021 432 189



I would like to say a big THANK YOU for all you have done for me, your service was outstanding, workmanship - faultless and approachability to any question or queries I had was taken seriously and treated with respect.

I have already recommended you to friends of mine, and will continue doing so.

Once again thanks a lot Richard it was a pleasure dealing with you.

All the best

Petra Yorke


I am writing to thank the team at Fieldline for building my Fieldline float for me. I travel very large dressage horses and needed a float that accommodated their size while providing good ventilation and safety. I could not be happier with the end result. My horses have travelled extremely well all season on both long hauls and short trips. Even on the hottest of days they arrive cool and comfortable. Loading and unloading is a dream and the horses barely move during transit as the ride is so smooth and quiet. I have even transported a horse with a notorious history of scrambling with no problems. The service provided during the building process was excellent and I really appreciate the effort the team made to accommodate my requirements. The quality of the engineering, workmanship and materials was evident from the first visit to the workshop. Communication during the building process was excellent and the ideas the team came up with work really well. The float is beautifully balanced whether empty or loaded, testament to the well thought out construction. Thanks again for everything!

- Sharlene Royal

I am very impressed with the Fieldline Mini Float. Love the way the front partition has been made. Bar at the back instead of the chain is great. Even the water container and holder. The piece that keeps the side door from shutting when loading or unloading gear into the front is a great idea. So many wonderful features that makes floating easier. It was not even noticeable to tow – so well balanced. Used it for a jumping day on Saturday and transported three minis. It was truly fantastic. Lots of miniature horse people looked through it and liked it. Hopefully you will get some sales. If you would like some photos of it in spring with clipped minis inside I am happy to provide them. I usually start clipping late October – early November. Many thanks.

- Mary Lemon

We have owned a Fieldline Triple Loader and are very happy to recommend to anyone considering purchasing one. They are a top quality float. The horse and gear space was superb. The team at Fieldline were a pleasure to deal with and the back up service after sale was always most helpful and supportive. They totally performed to our expectations and we have no trouble in recommending them. We have done over 15,000 kms in six months in this float.

- Anne


Thank you very much for your help today!  Many have said your customer service is fantastic at Fieldline and you have definitely proved to be just that. Cheers,

- Karen Greyling

I absolutely love my new float. Last night I went out to a practice dressage night. Billy (my horse) sniffed and snorted a couple of times before loading and as usual for him didn’t move the whole trip. His usual self at the other end and no issues coming home. The gear locker was great – no more mess in my car! I did have a lot of comments on the float – all positive – and every one there came and checked it out. Everyone loved it and at least two families said they wanted one. I felt extremely flash turning up to an event with my new float. Can’t wait to go out again! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to purchase the float at an extremely good price and for all your help during the sale process – I will definitely be recommending Fieldline. Thanks.

- Mellanie Oldfield

I just wanted to send you a little thank you note regarding Fieldline’s customer service with helping sort out the second hand float we purchased of Fieldline, the service I recieved was nothing less than outstanding, something you don’t see much now days in any industry. The team at Fieldline went out of their way to sort our problem and nothing was too much trouble, thank you. I will happily recommend to any of my horsey friends to contact Fieldline if they are ever thinking of buying a float. Kind regards,

- Sheree Edwards


We were changing from a well equipped horse truck to a float so we had some fairly high expectations around horse comfort, quality and ease of use. We looked at a number of options. Right from the first point of contact we felt confident that Fieldline would be able to meet our expectations and requirements for our new float. Our double angle loader has been customised to exactly meet our needs with consultation and ability to present our options for requirements without any hesitation from Fieldline as to being able to accommodate. They sent us home with the float with instructions to ‘play with it’ and if anything is not perfect, they will fix it. We have full confidence in the quality and service provided by the team at Fieldline and would recommend them to other prospective customers.

- Beverly Massey-George and  Rob George

I am writing to thank you for building us a truly fantastic float that we are very proud of. Now that we have had a chance to use it we are appreciating the many features and good designs that have been incorporated in to it. The horses are very relaxed in it and travel extremely well. The float tows really well and follows straight with no sway even at open road speeds. Feildline have been extremely good to deal with and we cant emphasis enough how much we appreciated your can do attitude when we required custom made designs which have made this float the perfect float for us. Thanks once again for producing our dream float and being a fantastic company to deal with. We have no hesitation in recommending you and you’re team to any prospective customer. Thanks.

- Mike Noord, October 2010

We would like to express our appreciation of the great customer service you have given us over the past year after our purchase in October 08 of a Fieldline double angle loader float. From the first contact with your company we have been impressed with your service and our once scrambling nervous pony is now happy to walk onto angle loader float and we have had no issues at all with him scrambling. We have always found your company to be totally reliable and honest and would be happy to recommend you to any of our friends.

- Morris Family, Auckland

Thank you so much for creating my ‘Ultimate’ horse float in terms of horse/owner safety, comfort and build quality. You could not have been more helpful throughout the entire design, delivery and post delivery process, listening to my ideas and coming up with practical, cost-effective solutions. Now I have had the float a while I can report that all four of my horses happily self load, including my two year old twins who have never been on a float before OR in a stable. I look forward to training them to travel safely, a job which is made so much easier using this float. My horse that was in a float fire (prior to my ownership) is so confident getting on that I have to close the float if riding or working nearby, as she tries to get on it!

- November 2009

I am very pleased to recommend Fieldline as a trusted producer of Fieldline Floats. As a customer, having recieved my own Fieldline float a year ago, and having travelled extensively with it, without a problem, I highly recommend Fieldline Floats.

- TK

A quick note of thanks for getting all the jobs done. The side walls are great. For your information, I was chatting with ….. here at our club in ……. And I can tell you that between us we will be recommending Fieldline Floats to anyone we hear is in the market – not just because of the float but because of what an attentive and customer friendly team you all are. Well done!

- AR

In 2005 I purchased a deluxe double float off your company and have never regretted the decision since. I had a very unsteady traveller in my young thoroughbred and at 16.2h was quite tall and long for most floats. He has floated beautifully ever since thank you very much.

- SM

I just thought I would send you a quick note to say how much I love my Fieldline Float. I have used it extensively! I can honestly say that every horse I have had in the float has travelled fabulously. I floated a very feral horse from Ashburton to Invercargill, an eight hour trip. This horse was very unhandled broodmare and she travelled like a dream. To prove this point and I am not kidding – she had not made any mess in the float at all! Now that’s impressive! I have enclosed some photos that I hope you enjoy.